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InDoor & Outdoor advertising systems in the major airports in Europe - Communicate your company to millions of people

Europe Media, advertising agency, for years has been the point of reference for INDOOR and OUTDOOR communication throughout Italy and a contact point for successful communication inside and outside the main Italian and international airport hubs.

Airports in Europe are the ideal partner to embark on a commercial strategy and a community-wide advertising campaign of great impact and exceptional potential, linked to the flows of their visitors who are constantly increasing (millions of people arriving and leaving from and to Schengen/Not Schengen Area), both business and tourism to and from the Schengen area: Porto, Lisbon, Nice, Frankfurt, Madrid are some of the main terminals in Europe for prestigious ADV planning for your brand or product.

Europe Media will be at your side for unprecedented planning able to make the most of visibility and communication thanks to the latest generation ADV systems present outside and inside the Airport Areas.

Airports Europe | Passengers / Year

Germany – Frankfurt
3rd airport in Europe
69 300 000 passengers
Spain – Madrid
6th airport in Europe
53 402 506 passengers
Switzerland – Zurich
12th airport in Europe
31 922 196 passengers

Finland – Helsinki
18th airport in Europe
18 892 386 passengers
Norway – Oslo
19th airport in Europe
27 475 749 passengers
Portugal – Lisbon
20 ° airport in Europe
26 663 385 passengers

France – Nice
45th airport in Europe
12 485 453 passengers
Portugal – Port
50th airport in Europe
10 787 164 passengers
Germany – Friborg
64th airport in Europe
7 880 504 passengers

Examples of plants present in the major airports in Europe

Digital Network

Type of system present in all the airports in Europe able to guarantee, thanks to their massive presence in all areas and to a synchronized repetition throughout the circuit, a great effectiveness of communication.
Ideal for the promotion of brands or products.

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Type of digital system present in the Arrivals area able to guarantee a communication capable of attracting the attention of the patrons effectively thanks to their positioning generally located near the conveyor belt for baggage collection.

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Digital Screen

Digital system in the 4×3 format present outside airports: thanks to their recognizability and size, the programmed ADV communication can enjoy a great visibility both in and out of the airport area.

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